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Welcome to a world of SFF & random tidbits

Why am I Obsessed with Science-fiction, Fantasy & Afro-Futurism?

Stories are so much more than entertainment. Through stories we find guidance, lessons and comfort. And in imaging other world's, these benefits are heightened.
Over the years, I’ve gone from reading other people's words to writing my own. Check out 'Stories' to read some of my science fiction, afro-futurism and fantasy shorts, and watch this space for longer tales...
I do a lot of research when I'm writing stories, so I also write a blog about some of the things I'm learning. My procrastination is your gain! Enjoy :)

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Business Posts

Medium articles on Afrocenchix, Working motherhood & Start up life


10 Tips For Raising Investment (How Afrocenchix Secured Google Funding in $1.2m Seed Round)

Scaling a startup is tough. It’s been a great year for Afrocenchix, but an incredibly difficult one. Raising a seed round was certainly a case of succeeding against the odds. I’m writing this to share the tips that helped us do it.

Empty Chairs

Open Source: Our Startup Mental Health Policy at Afrocenchix

The topic of mental health is ubiquitous these days, but it’s still frustratingly taboo.

As a founder of a fast growing seed stage start up, and someone in therapy for cPTSD, it’s a topic close to my heart. I was going to write an article on what we’re learning about mental health and how we look after our team, but rather than overcook it, I’ve decided to share the policy I wrote for Afrocenchix in the hope it will inspire yours.

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Random Musings (on Huff Post & Elsewhere)

My articles on race, business, ethics, tech, hair, faith and life

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Mother and Baby on Floor

The response from some world leaders to Charlottesville is sad. It’s also unsurprising...

On Saturday 12th August a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia led to 35 injuries and the tragic death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer. The British response has been deeply disturbing.

The Decline of Girl Bossing

The girl boss era began booming around the time I started Afrocenchix. A decade on and the girls are getting tired.

New Baby Reflections

A short bible study devotional guide for new mums and mums getting back into the scriptures after adjusting to motherhood

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