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Rachael Twumasi-Corson

About Rachael Twumasi-Corson

Repped by Ian Drury at Sheil Land Associates

I’ve been hiding in corners to make up stories since I could hold a pen. 

My writing explores identity, culture and belonging. I like to delve into these issues in space, or in a possible future, or in an alternate reality. As a British Ghanaian Londoner, I felt the need to write characters who are Black but who aren't defined by suffering or racism.

Why sci fi? Well I've often been described as a nerd, but it took me a while to embrace the label. It wasn't until I specialised as an English and biology tutor that I realised how much I love science led speculative storytelling. I love science fiction and speculative fiction because of the way these genres allow us to explore issues in our worlds and imagine better one. Through my stories I dream up more ethical ways of existing.

By day I run Afrocenchix, a small business creating safe, effective products for Afro & curly hair. We're best known for winning a competition with celebrity judges including Diddy, Ashton Kutcher & Gary Vee. I've also had (too) many other jobs in worlds from the corporate to education to charity. Writing has kept me sane(ish) through the many changes in my career and life.

When I'm not writing sci fi, running the business or busy with the kids, I enjoy playing the guitar, shooting hoops, reading, baking, studying the bible and messing around with gadgets.

Hope you enjoy reading my stories!

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